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Free​ 30-day trial

Free​ 30-day trial

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"For the price of a dinner or a fitness class, this gives me a full month of access to valuable people and opportunities that can help me and my career."

"The value of this community would be worth it alone, but I love that it also allows me to find women who are also in my other groups, so it also gives me more value out of those memberships as well."

"I'll be honest, I'm using this group to make friends that have similar interests, which is hard to do as an adult and at my career level. So the fact that it helps with that is priceless to me." 

"The company I work for is big on ensuring women are supported in the workplace, so I was thrilled to learn that my membership could be expensed as professional development or as a travel expense to help me feel safe and supported on the road. Definitely glad I asked!"

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