We fly solo just fine.


But some things are just 

more fun with others.


Had to set up a new life after moving

Wish you had other female leaders or peers to ask for career advice

Have activities you'd love to do more often, but with others

Travel for work but don't get to enjoy the location

Want to expand your personal group with other ambitious women...




To give every professional woman

a seat at the table, a trusted group to turn to,

and the inspiration, courage, and connections

to show up fully in her career and life and say,

 "I'm here, let's do this."

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1 |  Creating a community of go-getter women who show up to:


  • Meet each other

  • Support each other

  • Inspire each other

  • And enjoy new experiences together

2 |  Pairing it with technology that makes it easier than ever to:

  • Find the right people for your current needs

  • Easily join in local gatherings and events to meet those people

  • Deepen relationships with helpful reminders


We believe in the transformative power

of community and conversation. 

We believe that a single encounter can change the trajectory of our careers and lives.

We believe that too many women are still navigating their careers and their lives on their own.

We believe in the incredible potential of each individual, 

but that we can achieve greater things faster together. 

We are the others you've been looking for.

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Our Story

BRANCHCLUB was created because our founder didn't want to sit alone at a bar while on a work trip.

More specifically, she decided she had spent one too many evenings alone in a hotel room when she'd rather be out exploring her location, but the thought of dining alone felt less than fun.

She was also frustrated by the time, energy, and random luck it took to find and form deeper relationships with other professional women every time she moved cities, changed companies, or moved up in her career. 

Yet it was always worth trying, because nothing makes you feel stronger than having a go-to group of inspiring, authentic, vulnerable, and successful women who you can turn to for advice, inspiration, and to simply have fun.

She started asking others if they felt the same way and heard a resounding "yes!" from women spanning different life-stages, career-stages, and industries. 


So, we set out to create a better way for professional women to connect.


Before, the choice was to push outside of your comfort zone or miss out.


Instead, we are making the comfort zone bigger via a community of women who show up.


We are anchored in real stories, powered by the women who join, and unbridled in our pursuit to change the world we navigate.

Join us, as we continue to grow together. 

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Build your roots here.
Feel connected anywhere.