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for professional women.

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with other ambitious women.


Stop networking.

Start connecting.

We are women who are on-the-move in our careers, lives, and locations. However, with each exciting move, promotion, or change, it can be frustrating how long it takes to find those new peers, mentors, and friends that make the journey more rewarding.

BRANCHCLUB brings ambitious women together who are actively looking to connect over meaningful conversations, shared goals, and local activities. 


We span different industries, career levels, and life stages, but we share the same mindset:

Aim high. Show up. Find your others.

Meet other women who share your ambition and your interests.

Experience better.

Grow a powerful network organically

over shared goals & meaningful conversations.

Do more of the activities you love, with women you'd love to meet.

Make the most of limited downtime, whether at home, in your city, or when traveling for work.

Get reminders to follow up

to help new connections grow deeper.

How we connect

(in-person, or virtually for now)


Join our community of inspiring women who are rising to meet to form new personal and professional connections.


RSVP to small group gatherings to enjoy meaningful conversations and fun experiences.


Post or attend "join in" opportunities to connect casually over shared interests and local activities.


What it looks like

Join in!
Free outdoor yoga class in Wicker Park! Remote professionals & new movers -- let's meet there!
Social distanced | open invite
12:00 Wed
"Ladder series" chat for women in tech. How can we help each other take that next step?
Virtual gathering | 10 spots
6:00 pm Tues
Founders - what's your biggest hurdle this week? Let's solve it together.
Virtual brainstorm | 8 spots
10:00 am Mon
Happy Hour for Moms in Banking. Looking to confirm others do exist...
Outdoor patio event | 15 spots
5:00 pm Thurs
Sushi dinner for business travelers in town. Ditch the room service!
Small group dinner | 6 spots
7:00 pm Wed

What People Say

Executive women


Global Tech Consultancy

"After moving, I was looking to build an inspirational group of friends in my area. 


I'd go to events, but how do you find the 5 people in the crowd of 80 that are looking for the same thing? This is more targeted in all the best ways."

Women founders

"The options to meet other women in my career are usually big networking events or tools that feel awkwardly like dating.


I love the idea of gathering in smaller groups that can be professional or casual. And everyone's there to truly connect."


Luxury Consumer Goods

Professional woman


Travel & Hospitality

"My schedule is crazy, so when I have a free moment, I want to take advantage of it.


I love that I can use this to join a happy hour after work, to do something fun on a weekend, or to grab dinner with others who are traveling for work -- all within an inspiring group of women." 


Join us from the very beginning.